CCFC Agenda

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CCFC Agenda 2012

CCFC's focus on the Wisconsin Central Group coalition during 2010-2011 led to development of agreement between Canadian National to collaborate on the CN/WCGroup 2012 Joint Projects Initiative which is expected to drive CCFC, WCG and LSSA activities through 2015. CCFC's follow-up on WCG's Testimony (January 12, 2012) before the Wisconsin Comission on Transportation Finance and Policy will include efforts to engage the Mid-America Freight Coalitionto assist in seeking cooperation and coordination of its member states on three projects of WCG's proposed 2012 Joint Projects Initiative - "WC-ChicaGO," "WC-Intermodal" and "WC-Log" (supply chain visibility for raw forest products in MI, MN and WI).


CCFC Agenda 2010-2011 

CCFC's principal focus for 2010-2011 is to advance the Lake States Shippers Association project and Wisconsin Central Group coalition. CCFC continues to monitor Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition activity to contribute private sector views as opportunity permits.


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