Surface Transportation Board's Balancing Act - Chairman Elliott Speaks

Tue, 01/24/2012

STB Chair Daniel Elliott Keynoted the luncheon held jointly with the Traffic Club of Chicago at the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Winter Meeting 1/11/2012.  He emphasized STB's/his goal of promoting dialogue between railroads and shippers, acting as a bridge between Congress and railroads-shippers, and informal dispute resolution vs. litigation. STB's dispute resolution process handled 93 cases in 2000, 1,406 in 2010 and more last year. These are mostly rate cases. In regard to EP 704/705 - STB's investigations of competition in the railroad industry and rail exemptions from regulation, the Chairman complimented participation in the oral hearings and the range and value of comments received from participants. He confirmed STB's continuing consideration of the submissions. One might guess from what he said that there will be further proceedings on rail competition issues, though he did not say that specifically. As to when to expect reports or decisions in EP 704/705, he said STB will "take however long it takes to get it right". Wisconsin Central Group is an active participant in EP 704/705.


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