UPS on Alternative Fuel Commercial Vehicles
Posted 07/18/2013

UPS will soon have more than 1,000 LNG trucks to complement its fleet of 1,015 CNG vehicles. Since 2000, UPS has run more than 300 million miles on alternative fuels and expects to hit 500 million in 2015. UPS has deployed more than 2,700 vehicles using an array of technology that includes propane, electric and hydraulic hybrids, compressed natural gas, electric plug-ins and other methods.

Of particular interest, UPS' Chief Operating Officer David Abney says:

We see natural gas as an important "bridge fuel" over the next decade. It lets us reduce our emissions and move away from oil-based fuel while we continue to push emerging solutions that are still some years away.

And, on the role information technology plays in burning less fuel:

The greenest miles are those never run.


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