Steering Committee

CCFC's Steering Committee is an informal network of purchasers and providers of transportation, logistics and related services, who are willing, from time to time and as issues arise, to share their professional skills, experience and opinions to help guide CCFC's efforts. Representatives of these companies participated in preliminary discussions or otherwise assisted in guiding development of CCFC's mission and formulation of CCFC's initial agenda and subsequent agendas.

CCFC provides various levels and degrees of participation and affiliation, consistent with promoting cooperation and coordination on select CCFC targeted issues and goals. Some are ad hoc; others are longer term. CCFC endeavors to coordinate with and add value to the efforts of other groups and associations engaged in public affairs involving transportation and logistics issues, within and beyond the Central Corridors region, and supported by CCFC participants and affiliates. Funding is through voluntary contributions.

CCFC's usual mode of communication, decision making, coordination and tracking, is expected to be highly reliant on use of, e-mail briefings, on-line discussion, contacts database, and linked resources.


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