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It's about growth - not cutting. Matt Rose, Railway Age, 3/6/2019
Less is not better. Matt Rose, Railway Age, 12/10/2018

"The Staggers Act wasn’t, 'Railroads, haul only what you want to haul on your network.' It’s 'Haul everything, and you have the ability and the flexibility to differentially price on your network.' That’s the deal, and it’s in the public’s best interest to move more tons to the railroad network, not to move tons off the railroad network."

"Industries, jobs and taxes want to go where the railroad is."
Wick Moorman, CEO Norfolk Southern,
Congressional Testimony 4/24/2013


About Wisconsin Central Group: WCGroup is an ad hoc rail freight stakeholders coalition dedicated to increasing economic opportunity and competitiveness throughout the Wisconsin Central and Great Lakes Forests Region by working collaboratively to increase freight on the region's lighter density rail lines. More About WCGroup

About Commitment to Working Collaboratively? "'An ecosystem of collaboration,' is what former CEO Claude Mongeau says of [CN's] supply chain approach, which aims to build trust while improving service and efficiency for railway and customer alike. 'It's the gift that keeps on giving ... . It leads, eventually, to ideas you didn't know were possible'" Trains, March 2017.

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Latest News & Commentary

NRTC/LSSA-DCC Joint Meeting, More About Grant Funding Opportunities
Posted 3/5/2019

LSSA's Data Co-op Committee and Northwoods Rail Transit Commission held a joint meeting 1/18/2019. Acting Chair, Stacey Johnson, explained NRTC's initiatives on: (a) coordinating activities of organizations interested in Northwods rail access (e.g., New North, GLTPA, WCA, etc.); and (b) seed money and grant funding for Northwoods rail and rail related preservation and infrastructure projects. Libby Ogard's, Prime Focus LLC, presentation provided "Grant Funding Opportunities Overview". Pasi Lautala provided an update of final steps in Phase One of the MI Tech /LSSA Data Co-op Project which has developed a uniquely detailed picture of Northwoods rail opportunities at the "Actionable Shipper Data" level [3rd Stakeholder Meeting MI Tech Report].

Moving Along on 2019-2020 Campaign, Follow the Money
Posted 12/13/2018

LSSA Data Co-op Committee meeting 11/6/2018 at Escanaba featured an update on MI Tech Data Co-op Project, exploration of the multiple uses for the aggregated data, expanding the number of years in the data base and consideration of recommendations for Campaign 2019-2020. At Madison on 11/27-28/2018, Counsel and NRTC's Chair addressed these topics in a series of meetings with: WI Counties Association; WI Manufacturers & Commerce; and WisDOT economic development and rail and harbors staff. From the latter consultations emerged a draft outline for a Wisconsin Forest and Freight Rail Preservation Program ("F2RPP"). The objective of F2RPP is to provide availability and flexibility of State funding to leverage federal grants such as those announced by USDOT on 12/11/2018, $1.5 Billion in BUILD Transportation Grants to Revitalize Infrastructure Nationwide.

NRTC Meets - Update on 2019-2020 Campaign Suggestions
Posted 11/1/2018

On 10/26/2018, the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission met at Rhinelander at the headquarters of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association ("GLTPA"). Counsel was provided a generous opportunity to participate and provide information on LSSA Data Co-op Project and on "gearing up" for WCGroup/LSSA Campaign 2019-2020. Representatives of the CN and E&LS railroads also participated. The NRTC meeting afforded a post-meeting opportunity to visit with GLTPA's Executive Director on the same topics. Meeting follow-up includes circulation to NRTC suggestions outlined in Campaign 2019-2020 - Some Action Options To Consider. The paper will also be presented to the LSSA DCC meeting at Escanaba on 11/6/2018. Several NRTC officials have been invited to attend. 

More Gearing Up for WCGroup/LSSA 2019-2020 Campaign
Posted 10/15/2018

On 10/13/2018, at Governor Walker's "2018 Governor's Freight Industry Summit - Wisconsin Freight: Recognizing the Local Connection," we circulated a further paper as part of the prologue to the WCGroup/LSSA's 2019 campaign for implementing concerted action based, in part, on anticipated findings of Phase 1 of the LSSA/Michigan Tech Data Co-Op Project.

An updated version of the paper is provided here: Un-Balkanize/Reintegrate Great Lakes Forests Wood Fiber Market, Re-Connect the Great Lakes Forests Region Rail Network.

Gearing Up for WCGroup/LSSA 2019-2020 Campaign
Posted 09/17/2018

On 9/13/2018 at WMC Headquarters, Madison, WisDOT Secretary Ross and Deputy Secretary Seitz keynoted and engaged in Q&A with participants at a special meeting of the WMC Transportation Committee. A draft of Counsel's upcoming presentation, on 9/19/2018 to the Price County Economic Development Corporation, was circulated. The paper is prologue to the WCGroup/LSSA's 2019 campaign for implementing concerted action based, in part, on anticipated findings of Phase 1 of the LSSA/Michigan Tech Data Co-Op Project.

The paper is available here: Challenges and Opportunities, Northwoods Railroading & Jobs - We're Not Fly-Over Country, and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!

Escanaba Meeting 3/16/2017, Consensus Outline
Posted 04/11/2017

A diverse group of Great Lakes Forests Region freight rail stakeholders met at Weyerhauser's Escanaba, MI office on 3/16/2017. The meeting was hosted by Michigan Forest Products Council and included stakeholder members of Wisconsin Paper Council and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. The product of these discussions and follow-up comments from Escanaba 3/16/2017 Invitees/Attendees is a Consensus Outline. In coming weeks, a focus group will proceed with refining priorities for WCGroup's Action Agenda 2017.



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