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2018 Wish List 11/5/2017

"Industries, jobs and taxes want to go where the railroad is."
Wick Moorman, CEO Norfolk Southern,
Congressional Testimony 4/24/2013

About Wisconsin Central Group: WCGroup is an ad hoc rail freight stakeholders coalition dedicated to increasing economic opportunity and competitiveness throughout the Wisconsin Central and Great Lakes Forests Region by working collaboratively to increase freight on the region's lighter density rail lines. More About WCGroup

About Commitment to Working Collaboratively? "'An ecosystem of collaboration,' is what former CEO Claude Mongeau says of [CN's] supply chain approach, which aims to build trust while improving service and efficiency for railway and customer alike. 'It's the gift that keeps on giving ... . It leads, eventually, to ideas you didn't know were possible'" Trains, March 2017.

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Latest News & Commentary

Escanaba Meeting 3/16/2017, Consensus Outline
Posted 04/11/2017

A diverse group of Great Lakes Forests Region freight rail stakeholders met at Weyerhauser's Escanaba, MI office on 3/16/2017. The meeting was hosted by Michigan Forest Products Council and included stakeholder members of Wisconsin Paper Council and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. The product of these discussions and follow-up comments from Escanaba 3/16/2017 Invitees/Attendees is a Consensus Outline. In coming weeks, a focus group will proceed with refining priorities for WCGroup's Action Agenda 2017.

Northwoods Branch Lines, Short Lines, Preservation Options
Posted 09/25/2015

At the invitation of the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission meeting, September 25, 2015, WCGroup presented "Branch Lines, Short Lines, Preservation Options." WCGroup emphasized commitment to working collaboratively with CN to assure lines in the Great Lakes Forests Region operate as an integrated "system." WCGroup reiterated that it believes a railroad "system" is the better path - likely the only practicable path - to positive outcomes for restoration of competitive, sustainable freight rail service for the Region.

Competition in the Railroad Industry -
Congressional Mandate to Surface Transportation Board
Posted 09/25/2015

WCGroup has renewed its call for completion of STB's investigation of the state of competition in the Railroad Industry, specifically for non-captive, truck-competitive freight. WCGroup has requested a "Congressional Mandate" to STB to complete its pending investigation be added to the upcoming Highway Bill. The request is consistent with WCGroup Testimony in STB Dockets EP 704 and 705. Call for the mandate was presented to Reps. Reid Ribble and Bill Schuster at a transportation roundtable in Appleton, 10/3/2014. Rep. Ribble is a member, and Rep. Shuster is the Chair, of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, which is currently working on the next Highway Bill. The request was also presented to Senator Tammy Baldwin at a transportation roundtable at Sun Prairie, 9/4/2015. Sen. Baldwin is actively involved in Senate consideration of, and pending legislation on, rail transportation and competition issues.

For our Region, rail competitiveness for non-captive, truck-competitive freight - not only competitiveness of our serving railroads but also their Class I connections - is critical. Among the Class I, CN appears to be one of the more experienced and committed to competing for the variety of commodities, including merchandise freight, involved in the retail railroad our Region needs. The suggested mandate to STB is intended to bring this field of competitiveness to the attention of all of the North American Class Is and their shortline partners.




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