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Great Lakes Forests Region - We Make Things Here.
Great Lakes Freight Rail - And, we are going to put more of them on rail.

It's about Growth - not cutting. Matt Rose, Railway Age, 3/6/2019

Less is not better. Matt Rose, Railway Age, 12/10/2018 –
"The Staggers Act wasn’t, 'Railroads, haul only what you want to haul on your network.' It’s 'Haul everything, and you have the ability and the flexibility to differentially price on your network.' That’s the deal, and it’s in the public’s best interest to move more tons to the railroad network, not to move tons off the railroad network."

Latest News & Commentary

Great Lakes Freight Rail Established, New Dimensions in Rail for WI/MI/MN/ON.
Posted 11/19/2020

Shortly after the late July 2020 public announcement of CN’s “Wisconsin – Northern Michigan Branch Line Proposed Divestiture,” the GLFR Team assembled in a series of online and in-person meetings in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The GLFR Team represents decades of experience in all aspects of freight transportation within the Great Lakes Forests Region and extending across North America and beyond. GLFR also represents more than a decade of working collaboratively with CN, shippers and other stakeholders across the Region and learning how to bring more, profitable and sustainable freight to the lighter density lines of the former Wisconsin Central throughout the Region. 

Hence, GLFR’s tag line: “New Dimensions in Rail for Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Ontario”.

LSSA/WCGroup’s Last Decade and Recent Activity are prologue and foundation for a new era and the “New Dimensions” for freight rail and rail intermodal we predict. GLFR’s objective is to acquire and to restore and transform all lines CN intends to divest into a “system” for effective rail access for via all former Wisconsin Central lighter density rail corridors. Great Lakes Freight Rail satisfies all the LSSA/WGroup’s “Considerations for Responding to CN’s Wisconsin Central Divestiture Plan”.