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We applauded M. Tellier's (Canadian National's CEO 2001) Plan and commitment to retain the "local characteristics" of Wisconsin Central and to provide service "as good as, or better than" Wisconsin Central.

Today, we embrace M. Mongeau's Plan and commitment:

"Operational and service excellence is the foundation of our business, creating value for our customers and shareholders. But we know we can do more. Beyond our leadership in rail fuel efficiency, we are broadening the scope of our environmental efforts to embrace a comprehensive sustainability agenda. And CN is engaging its 23,000 employees to work closely with the communities it serves and to support the causes that are important to them."

Claude Mongeau, Canadian National's Chief Executive Officer, before the Toronto Board of Trade, May 15, 2012 (emphasis added). Mr. Mongeau's sentiment was echoed recently in testimony by another Class I CEO.

"Industries, jobs and taxes want to go where the railroad is."
       Wick Moorman, CEO Norfolk Southern, Congressional Testimony 4/24/2013

To this end, Canadian National and Wisconsin Central Group agreed to "collaborate" on our "2012 Joint Projects Initiative" and in 2013 have refined our direction through the CN Advisory Board and establishment of the CN/WCGroup Log and Intermodal Committees.

2012 Joint Projects Initiative - A strategic "collaboration" of Canadian National and WCGroup.

Maps: Wisconsin Central Group Lines 2012. CN/WC System 2001. Density 2000.

About Us: Wisconsin Central Group is an ad hoc rail freight stakeholders coalition operating under the auspices of Wisconsin Paper Council, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and Michigan Forest Products Council.

Our Goal:  To encourage, persuade and collaborate with Canadian National to assure: (1) Wisconsin Central level service and competition for market share for traffic that originates and/or terminates on lines of the former WC System; and (2) a transparent plan, executed in due course, to assure ample capacity for increasing traffic that originates and/or terminates on lines of the former WC System, including mitigation of the impact of increasing Prince Rupert traffic.

About Us and Our Goal [printable version]

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Our Purpose:

To advance safety, efficiency and competitiveness of freight logistics and, thus, the economic development and well being of the people and communities of the Lake States Region.

Our Principal Objective:

To persuade Canadian National to restore the local characteristics of the former Wisconsin Central System, specifically including supply chain optimizing, customer oriented service and aggressive competition for market share for freight originating and/or terminating on lines of the former Wisconsin Central in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

More Information: Will be regularly posted on this website. For questions and additional information, contact John Duncan Varda at jdvarda@dewittross.com.





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