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WisDOT Northwoods Freight Assessment - 2020

WisDOT Questionnaire Response Deadline May 12, 2020:

Email Responses, subject line "Northwoods Freight," to WisDOT Rail Advisors at and to LSSA at

What Is the Purpose Of WisDOT's Assessment Questionnaire?

WisDOT is exploring options to improve freight service to/from your Northwoods community. The focus is improving freight rail service.

WisDOT’s objective is improving transportation efficiencies for all commercial freight and, in particular, for forest resource industries and manufacturers – for example, to reduce costs and impacts of moving logs from log landings to mills and, thus, expanding opportunities for access to rail for all commercial freight.

To provide this assessment, WisDOT has engaged three independent experts who have extensive rail industry experience, including experience in shortline and regional railroading. For their background information, see WisDOT Rail Advisors Background. All responses to WisDOT's Questionnaire are subject to the WisDOT/LSSA Confidentiality Agreement including LSSA's Antitrust Compliance Guidelines.

For questions or additional information, contact Rich Kedzior, WisDOT Bureau of Transit, Local Roads, Railroad & Harbors, at