WCG Agenda 2016Q1

Although carrying forward WCGroup’s 2015 Agenda may provide overall scope for 2016, WCGroup’s Steering Committee has opted to promulgate the following action agenda for 2016Q1.

Log Cars – WI SB305/AB458, $4.8 Million Earmark, Minimum 20% Match.
  • Push for public hearing (not later than 2/1/2016), potential adoption mid-March 2016, Subject to confirming minimum stakeholder support, i.e.:
    • Key shipper/commercial stakeholders commit (before 12/31/2015) to public support (i.e., attend public hearing, other contacts and PR);
    • CN commits (by early Jan., 2016) to public support and contribution of $1.2 million match;
    • NRTC commits (by early Jan., 2016) to public support; and
    • Cooperative support (at least tacit, confirmed before 12/31/2015) from Walker Administration and WisDOT.
  • Michigan funding – promote parallel legislative effort for $3 million.
  • No WCGroup involvement in 2016 TIGER VIII absent WI and/or other state funding.

Branch Line Projects – 
Focus On Central Wisconsin And L'Anse-Baraga Branch Lines.

Pending Responses From CN Take Action On –

  • Intermodal/transload project target location; and
  • Cooperate to implement CN public relations support for WCGroup projects.
















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